The INVICTUS GAMES is a sporting event that is about much more than just sport. Invictus is the Latin word for ‘unconquered’. It embodies the fighting spirit of wounded, injured and sick service personnel, both active and retired, and personifies what these tenacious men and women can achieve post injury.

By hosting these Games, Germany is sending out a clear signal of respect and responsibility towards these men and women that will resonate in both Germany and the international community.

The participants, their families and their friends are the most important element of the INVICTUS GAMES. They have shared life-changing experiences, provided encouragement, inspired confidence and been a source of strength to each other. This strength and unconditional support plays a key role in the rehabilitation process, as does the Games by harnessing the power of sport to inspire recovery.

It is for this reason that Germany has decided to take a new approach to selecting its delegation. The athletes won’t be selected on the basis of their medal prospects, but based on the potential positive impact participating in the Games could have on their rehabilitation. It isn’t just about winning, it’s about encouraging people to overcome their personal limitations and regain confidence in their own abilities.

By hosting the INVICTUS GAMES 2023 we intend to initiate a public discussion in Germany about the services that the armed forces provide to society as a whole and the enormous sacrifices, sometimes even injury and death, that their work involves. During the Games servicemen and women who have lost their lives or suffered life-changing injuries will be front and centre in everyone’s minds. We hope that the Games, representing a successful rehabilitation process, will send out a message of hope to all people in our society who are affected by physical or mental limitations, whatever the cause.

The sports city of Düsseldorf provides the ideal framework for an inspirational and optimistic INVICTUS GAMES.

We are passionate about hosting an inspiring festival of friendship and understanding. We want the people who continue to believe in themselves to receive the recognition they deserve and set an example to the rest of society. And we want to ensure that we can look forward to the future with optimism and mutual respect.

We are looking forward to welcoming the INVICTUS GAMES 2023 athletes and their families, friends and fans to Düsseldorf, and we hope they have an exciting, successful and unforgettable stay!